Meghan Duda was born in Massachusetts and raised in South Carolina and is still confused about her proper east coast identity. After earning a degree in architecture from Virginia Tech the thought of working in an office was unappealing, so she opted instead to travel the country driving 20’ trailers and selling pizza at music festivals and Nascar races, making photographs of architecture in her spare time. In 2007 she and her husband moved to Fargo, where she began teaching photography first at NDSU in the Department of Architecture and later at MSUM in the School of Media Arts & Design.  Somewhere in there she earned her MFA from the University of North Dakota where she developed a passion for experimental and pinhole photography. Among other endeavors, an ongoing photo project involves a 5‘x8’ trailer/pinhole camera, which she drives around the country to make large atmospheric recordings of the landscape... Obviously the love of driving trailers never left her system.
© J. Alan Paul Photography
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